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Anita Botman
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Anita Botman The power of the story, such power! Kim Lowings is a master storyteller. I love to listen to her beautiful voice while the tales unfold. The instrumental backing is also excellent, never in the way of the story, rather enhancing it.
dave Maclean
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dave Maclean excellent stuff i really like the vocal on this Favorite track: Dark Eyed Sailor.
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released October 1, 2015

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Dave Draper at Tower Studios, Pershore 2015.

Produced by Kim Lowings and Dave Draper.

Photography by Laura Whittington.

Cover photo provided by Robert Binks.

Design by Mitchel Neate.

Kim Lowings
Vocals, Backing Vocals, Mountain Dulcimer, Piano, Guitar (Track 9)

Andrew ‘Jarv’ Lowings
Guitar, Bouzouki

Dave Sutherland
Double Bass, Electric Bass

Tim Rogers
Cajon, Drum Kit, Percussion

Anna Margareta Teodorova Oprenova

Leon Gormley
Cittern (Tracks 1, 2)

Ange Hardy
Backing Vocals (Tracks 6, 10)

Dave Draper
Electric Guitar (Track 2, 4, 6, 10)



all rights reserved


Kim Lowings and The Greenwood West Midlands, UK

Folk singer & songwriter Kim Lowings fronts a collective of musicians called The Greenwood. They are based in Stourbridge in the West Midlands and play a mix of contemporary, original and traditional folk song. The Greenwood released their debut album 'This Life' in August 2012 and have supported acts such as Martin Simpson, Dave Swarbrick, Faustus & Belshazzar's Feast.​ ... more


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Track Name: The Wood Wife
There is an old legend from Europe.
A story to you I will tell,
Of a beautiful lady who lived in a tree
Whose soul came straight out of hell.
She was known in the town as The Wood Wife.
A weaver of tales big and small.
The most beautiful creature they ever did see And her charm enchanted them all.

The Wood Wife loved the attention.
You could say that she fed off it all.
She’d flash them a smile and weave her tall tales
To hold the people in thrall.
‘Til soon the town was deserted.
Not a soul could be seen day or night.
They were camped in the forest beneath the tall tree Much to The Wood Wifes’ delight.

Thinking that she was untouchable,
She stayed at the top of the tree,
‘Til the people grew restless, they started to climb,
This was something she didn’t forsee.
For the tree couldn’t handle the pressure.
It started to bend and to break.
Soon it fell down and she hit the floor
And she knew she had made a mistake.

Her body split in two pieces
The minute that she hit the floor.
Inside they could see she was hollow and twisted, A demon, her beauty no more.
For you can ask too much of people.
You can charm them time and again.
But if beauty is skin deep then soon they’ll
see through you
And tell me what will you do then?
Track Name: I'm Still Here
Hello Mr Boss Man can you hear me way up there?
Don’t worry, don’t look down, it’s okay.
I am standing steady just like you told me to.
I’m at the bottom of the ladder taking care of you.

It’s been years and I’m still here, And I’ll be back again tomorrow.
I will paint my face, fix my smile To hide the worry and the sorrow.

Good morning Mr Boss Man, I’m sorry I was late.
The kids are sick and Monday traffic’s hell.
Yes Sir I’ll shut my mouth and see this long shift through. I’ll take the hits, make the drinks
And still look after you.


Give me a number, forget my name.
You have the credit and I’ll take the blame. You pull my strings like it’s all a game. The state we’re in it’s such a shame.


Good evening Mr Boss Man I won’t be in again. Are you lonely on that ladder by yourself?
I looked to the future and this is what I saw,
A broken back, faded dreams,
Empty bank, pension schemes.
I’m done with taking care of you.
I can think of better things to do.
You want me to stay and talk it through?
Thanks Mr Boss Man, but no thank you!
Track Name: Maggie's Song
One fine day, early morning,
The story goes, Maggie climbed on board.
The salt spray sprang at her warning.
An omen not to be ignored.

Here’s one for the ship in its glory.
Two for the captain and crew.
Three for the flowing bottle.
Four for the ocean blue.

It all began a short while later,
Floating on the ocean deep.
The captain drank a health to someone.
That someone drank up healthily.


Up on deck, that’s where she found them.
Not a man could stand no matter how they tried.
Drink in their hands, joy in their hearts.
Slurring their words as they cried...


Turn, turn how the vessel turned.
Round and round. No-one in command.
Up stepped Maggie with a sigh
And commandeered the ship safely to land.

Chorus x2

And Maggie let’s not forget you.
Track Name: Lullaby
Nobody knows me like you.
No-one sees the things that you do.
When you look in my eyes you see
Right to the heart of me,
Others just see eyes of blue.

Goodnight my darling, goodnight my sweet.
Here we can hide away, here we can sleep.
Close your eyes and rest your weary bones.
I’ll be right here if you need me.


Lu-lay-lu-lay lu-lay-la x 2

Hush now sleep for it’s getting late
We talked the hours away.
A perfect end to the day.
As soon as you lay your head down,
We both know you’re gone for the night.
Just like that you’ll be out like a light.

You may laugh but I know you.
I love all the things that you do.
When you look in my eyes you see Right to the core of me,
Others just see eyes of blue.


Lu-lay-lu-lay lu-lay-la x 4
Track Name: Dark Eyed Sailor
As I roved out one evening fair,
It being the summertime to take the air.
I spied a sailor and a lady gay,
And I stood to listen, and I stood to listen
To hear what they would say.

He said “Fair lady why do you roam?
For the day is spent and the night is on.”
She heaved a sigh while the tears did roll.
“For my dark eyed sailor, for my dark eyed sailor
So young and stout and bold.

‘Tis seven long years since he left this land.
A ring he took from his lily white hand.
One half of the ring is still here with me,
But the other’s rolling, but the other’s rolling
At the bottom of the sea.”

He said “You may drive him out of your mind.
Some other young man you surely will find.
Love turns aside and soon grows cold.
Like the winters’ morning, like the winters’ morning
The hills are white with snow.”

She said “I’ll never forsake my dear,
Although we are parted this many a year.
Genteel was he and a rake like you
To induce a maiden, to induce a maiden
To slight the jacket blue.”

One half of the ring did young William show.
She ran distracted in grief and woe,
Saying “William, William I’ve gold in store,
For my dark eyed sailor, for my dark eyed sailor
Has proved his honour long.”

There is a cottage by yonder lea.
This couple is married and does agree.
So maids be loyal when your love’s at sea. For a cloudy morning, for a cloudy morning Brings in a sunny day.
Track Name: Willow
Let your hair hang down like branches.
Let your hair hang down like branches.
Let your hair hang down and almost touch the ground.
Let your hair hang down like branches.

Willow, sweet willow, what secrets do you hide?
You know that you can tell me, just swallow your pride.
For a problem shared is a problem halved.
Willow, sweet willow, don’t keep it all inside.

Never forget your roots.
Never forget your roots.
Never forget the people that you’ve met.
No never forget your roots.


You used to stand so tall.
You used to stand so tall.
You used to stand so proud, so grand.
You used to stand so tall.


There’s always room to grow.
There’s always room to grow.
There’s always room to chase away the gloom.
Yes there’s always room to grow.

Track Name: The Blacksmith
‘A blacksmith courted me nine months and better.
He fairly won my heart, wrote me a letter.
With his hammer in his hand he looked so clever,
And if I was with my love I’d live forever.

‘Oh where is my love gone with his cheeks like roses?
He’s gone across the sea gathering primroses.
I’m afraid the scorching sun will burn his beauty,
And if I was with my love I’d do loves’ duty.

‘Strange news has come to town. Strange news is carried.
Strange news flies up and down, my love is married.
Well I wish them both much joy though they don’t hear me,
And may God reward him well for the slighting of me.

‘What did you promise when you sat beside me?
You said you would marry me and not deny me.”
“Well if I said I’d marry you, ‘twas for to try you.
So bring your witness love and I’ll not deny you.”

‘Oh witness have I none save God almighty,
And he’ll reward you well for the slighting of me.”
Her lips grew pale and wan, her heart did tremble,
For to think that she loved one and he proved deceitful.
Track Name: Monsoon
I sit and watch the world pass me by.
The storm is right upon us.
Hold on tightly, safe at last,
Upon the MRT.

Please keep behind the yellow line.
Hot air rushes in. Doors open, close.

The water runs down the window
And drips off everything in sight.
People race around me,
Busy chasing time.

Some small relief from this heat,
And all the while the rain falls down.

The rain keeps on falling, keeps on falling from the sky.
It feels like you’ll never, never get dry...
Track Name: Regrets
I remember the day so clear in my mind.
The rain it was pouring like never before.
He was quiet and gentle. As fragile as glass,
And if you had blinked you would probably miss him.

But regrets they are twisted,
Like knots they pull tighter.
He asked me my name, how I wish I’d asked his.

He told me his story with tears in his eyes.
Fifty years of marriage to the girl of my dreams.
She passed away just four weeks ago.
The grief’s like an anchor the pull is too strong.

But regrets they are twisted
Like knots they pull tighter
And we must find someway to losen their hold.

Now it’s a new day and the sun it is shining.
The birds soar above me in peaceful display.
I think of my own life and the road that’s before me,
And try not to think of the anchor behind.

For regrets they are twisted,
Like knots ever tighter
And we must find strength in the good times and bad.
Track Name: Bonny Labouring Boy
As I walked out one morning being in the blooming spring,
I heard a lovely maid complain so grievously did sing.
Saying “Cruel was my parents they did me so annoy
And will not let me marry with my bonny labouring boy.

Young Johnny was my true loves’ name as you may plainly see.
My parents did employ him their labouring boy to be.
To harrow, reap, to sow the seed. To plough my Fathers’ land,
And soon I fell in love with him as you may understand.

My Father stepped up one morning, seized me by the hand.
He swore he’d send young Johnny unto some foreign land.
He’s locked me in my bedroom my comfort to annoy,
And to keep me there to weep and mourn for my bonny labouring boy.

My Mother stepped up that morning and to me did say
Your Father has intended to appoint your wedding day.
But I did not make answer nor dared I to complain,
For until I wed my labouring boy single I’ll remain.

Oh his cheeks are like the roses, his eyes as black as sloes.
He smiles in his behaviour where’er my true love goes.
He’s manly neat and handsome, his skin as white as snow.
In spite of my parents with my labouring boy I’ll go.

So fill your glass up to the brim let the toast come early round.
Here’s a health to the labouring boy who ploughs and sows the ground,
And when his work is over his home he will enjoy.
Oh how happy is the girl that weds with a bonny labouring boy.”