Worcester City

by Kim Lowings and The Greenwood



This recording was originally a private download from our kickstarter campaign in 2013. To celebrate our forthcoming 2nd album Historia we wanted to make this track available to all.

Traditional folk song. Sometimes sung as Oxford City. This song tells the tale of a sailor who poisons a lady in a jealous rage.


In Worcester City there lived a lady
& her sad story to you I'll tell,
oh she was courted by a sailor
who often told her he loved her well.

She loved him true but at a distance
she did not seem to be very fond
he said my dear you seem to slight me
I fear you love another man.

He saw her dancing all with another
& jealous thoughts came all to his mind.
This wicked young man followed after
& gave to her a glass of wine.

The wicked man had prepared some poison
& mixed it into the glass of wine
that he gave to his own true lover
who drank it with a fearful mind.

I gave you poison all in your drink dear
your glass of wine did strong poison hide,
if you won't be my own true lover
you'll never be anothers bride,

& I have drunk of the same as you dear
& I will die as well as thee,
so as we stand we'll die together
to warn young men of jealousy.

Oh can you hear the cockerel crowing
the daylight now it will soon appear
& into my cold grave I'm going
& it is you that's called me here.


released April 8, 2013
Kim Lowings, Vocals.
Jarv (Andrew) Lowings, Bodhran.
Tim Rogers, Cajon.



all rights reserved


Kim Lowings and The Greenwood West Midlands, UK

Folk singer & songwriter Kim Lowings fronts a collective of musicians called The Greenwood. They are based in Stourbridge in the West Midlands and play a mix of contemporary, original and traditional folk song. The Greenwood released their debut album 'This Life' in August 2012 and have supported acts such as Martin Simpson, Dave Swarbrick, Faustus & Belshazzar's Feast.​ ... more


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